Buck buck (also known as Johnny-on-a-Pony, or Johnny-on-the-Pony) is a children's game with several variants. One version of the game is played when "one player climbs another’s back" and the climber guesses "the number of certain objects out of sight." Another version of the game is played with "one group of players [climbing] on the backs of a second group in order to build as large a pile as possible or to cause the supporting players to collapse."
As early as the 16th century, children in Europe and the Near East played Buck, Buck, which had been called "Bucca Bucca quot sunt hic?". Pieter Bruegel's painting "Children's Games" (1560) depicts children playing a variant of the game.
In the United Kingdom, the game is sometimes called High Cockalorum, but has a large number of different names in various local dialects. These include: 'Polly on the Mopstick' in Birmingham, 'Strong Horses, Weak Donkeys' in Monmouthshire, 'Hunch, Cuddy, Hunch' in west Scotland, 'Mont-a-Kitty' in Middlesbrough, 'Husky Fusky Finger or Thumb' in Nottinghamshire, 'High Jimmy Knacker' in east London, 'Jump the Knacker 1-2-3' in Watford, 'Wall-e-Acker' or 'Warny Echo' in north West London, 'Stagger Loney' in Cardiff and 'Trust' in Lancashire. The game is sometimes played in the sergeants' or officers' messes of the British Armed Forces.

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  1. Neals55

    Choosing my first Buck Deer Hunt Unit

    Last year I went elk hunting for the first time and had an absolute blast. Learned a ton, feel in love with the hunt, spent a bunch of money prepping for 2019. Ha! The guys I hunted elk with don’t deer hunt, however I would like to begin rifle deer hunting and would love to incorporate my kids...
  2. D

    Best "Bang for the buck" HD shotgun?

    During an email discussion with another forum member, I came to the conclusion that I really should have a HD shotgun. Not looking for some tactical gamer monstrosity, no pistol grip or Magpul FDE furniture, just a fairly standard looking pump with a shorter barrel and maybe an extended mag. I...
  3. clearconscience

    KY man shoot buck w/ decapitated buck head tangled in antlers

    Kentucky man bags 'rare' deer with decapitated buck head entangled in its antlers Well that’s a new one
  4. pharmseller

    Decent buck

    my buddy’s uncle drew the Klamath premium deer tag. He got a decent buck this weekend. I would have held out for something bigger, but then again I’ve killed a lot of bucks bigger than this one. Still and all, not a bad meat buck. P
  5. S

    9MM REVOLVER whats the best for the buck

    looking for a double action 9mm revolver whats reliable out of the box ? and no moon clips.
  6. Howie44

    First Idaho buck

    Just filled my CH draw tag in unit 57, Black Pine mountain in the Sawtooth NF . Nice little meat buck around 13o lbs on the hoof. Took him at 334yds (lazed) in a 15-17mph crosswind with a scoped Finn M39 and 150grn handloads. Very grateful for a successful hunt.
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