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  1. V

    Anyone tried Muller chokes ?

    Has anyone tried these chokes? Your thoughts?
  2. Orion3682

    Mossberg 500 chokes

    So decently new to the shotgun world. What chokes do people like for a Mossberg 500 and where can I find the online? I know theory of chokes and different ones for different needs. Anyone got like a lead on a nice set so I don’t have to piece together a whole set. Think everything from slugs...
  3. Andrew Brown

    Wad retaining chokes.

    Guys hi there. I shoot a 12ga benelli woodcock [US ultralight] and use it with rem wingmaster, but not 3" magnum loads, with a wad wizard supreme choke. My opinion of this choke is you have to be ON THE BALL with it or it's a good clean miss. Anyone else have an opinion about wad retaining...
  4. G

    Getting Remington 1187 18.5” barrel threaded for chokes

    Hi all, is there any people or companies that you recommend in the Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah county areas that does barrel threading for Remington chokes? I have a18.5” barrel for my Remington 1187 that I would like to to have threaded for Remington chokes. Thanks!
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