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  1. Dyjital

    Discussion: .300 Blackout 220gr Hornady Interlock

    I'll be working through this week making some 220gr Hornady Interlocks to feed the Ruger Ranch that I "stole" from a local member. I told him when he decides to sell, look my way, and he did. 5.56 in front, .300 in back. I went out today and did some preliminary sighting in with 150gr...
  2. etrain16

    .300 BLK - Does Barrel Profile Matter for Suppressed Use?

    With a suppressor on the way, I'm very interested in adding a .300 BLK upper to shoot subsonic rounds with that suppressor. I've been doing some reading/research and I'm seeing that approximately 10" barrel length is the optimum for .300 BLK, though it can work fine down to about 8". But my real...
  3. MasterChief

    2017 Black Friday Sales/Deals

    Where is everyone looking online for Black Friday deals? (I'm not going to be able to pick up in person so only looking for online specials) I really like free shipping :) If you find something gun related please feel free to post anything you find. Where i'm going to be looking is: AmmoSeek...
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