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Amax or AMAX may refer to:
AMAX, an American certification program
Amax Engineering, a defunct Australian aircraft manufacturer based in Donvale, Victoria
AMAX Information Technologies, an American open-architecture technology manufacturer based in Fremont, California

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  1. sagia308

    Swiss 308 k11 hits plate at 410 yards 175 match seems better the amax 178

    wc844 powder 37 grains did good with those 175 match bullets as good as 4064aa with 178 am
  2. sagia308

    495 yards Swiss 308 Amax 168 gr verses 180gr speer

    Looks like I was still shooting to the right first four shots 168 grain Amax finally got it sided in with the 180 grain spear.
  3. sagia308

    308 168gr Amax verses (4 water) jugs expanistion test

    didnt think the lead core would seperate from the copper jacket
  4. sagia308

    308 178 gr Amax penetration test branch & canik

    . Didn't turn out to be a test at first just happin while shooting lol
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