the Ibanez GR, or Ghostrider is a series of guitar produced by Ibanez. Ibanez first produced the prototypes of the Ibanez GR 220 guitar in its LA custom shop. Structurally, it resembles the Ibanez Artist (AR) guitars of the 1970s. The neck has the same width and 243⁄4" scale length as the Artist but Ibanez reduced the depth of the body-top arch to produce a flatter profile more like the modern guitars they were producing in the Ibanez RG series guitars.

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  1. Dyjital

    Discussion: .300 Blackout 220gr Hornady Interlock

    I'll be working through this week making some 220gr Hornady Interlocks to feed the Ruger Ranch that I "stole" from a local member. I told him when he decides to sell, look my way, and he did. 5.56 in front, .300 in back. I went out today and did some preliminary sighting in with 150gr...
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