Will fears of future gun laws cause you to buy or sell?


It all depends. Selling right away seems foolish. The market is pretty transparent, so people should hold out until they see what will shake off the old Tyranny tree.

I think IF I (and others) are to sell, Many will have to vet buyers. I personally wont be giving the same deals to brand new members as I would to people who have been here and involved with the hobby for a LONG time. I feel doing this ensures that opportunistic scalpers intent on flipping well priced items cannot make their extra buck off members here just trying to be fair to one another. Not suggesting Joe makes this forum pay to use.. but if the times are right.. ad placement could possibly have a similar pay to use feature OR membership requirements with certain ad limits. The forum makes a bit of coin, new scalpers have to at least pay to huck their inflated items..
Not sure if it’ll go that way, but its worth considering if we see a massive fire sale and huge ammounts of traffic on the forum. Maybe Armslist saw what was coming and geared up to make their buck.

Im a collector, so I have only a few firearms Im willing to part with.. the rest Im holding onto. Mags and ammo are another story.
Just curious.
Will you hold fast, buy more, or sell?

Prices could go up enough to entice a guy to sell.
On the other hand how would you ever replace what you sold?

Sorry guys. But it may be time to come up with a plan?
I will keep my 2 rifles in 22wmr and 22lr. I only own 2 firearms now on purpose.

CZ 457 Lux rifles.

When and/or IF I decide not to shoot firearms any longer due to old age or disabilities, I will give them to my MT husband. He can keep them, sell them or gift/donate them.

We have scaled down as I have mentioned before. Firearm downsizing and caliber consolidation but that had nothing to do with POLITICS or sale prices.

It had to do with Simplicity, HIS reloading since the early 70's, some factory ammo buying (RF = Buying one year's amount at a time or slow but sure buying on a REGULAR basis with NO fake/real shortages (Salami!) and the same with a BIT of CF ammo in 30-30 and 45acp.), he reloads for all of his CF firearms now, retirement, moving, other interests in LIFE, building a much smaller home, what we were Actually Shooting and what I NO longer shot due to my hand issues.

There is ONE NIB firearm left that we are thinking about for my husband but that has not totally been decided on.

So I do not think that HE has anything to sell now in firearms BUT he may sell some more of his newer reloading products. He already sold some of this when he downsized some firearm calibers too. Plus WE gifted some things too.

Take care!

Old Lady Cate
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I just ordered 100 - 30 rnd black pmags. Should be good to me later. Now for those elusive SR 25 pmags.....
But for the sake of keeping things simple I am trying to narrow my collection to

1)Get out of my house gun
2)Get off my property gun
3)Get out of my country gun

Been too stressed lately keeping track of everything I own guns or other stuff (coins, pens, watches and memorabilia) after my SO feng shui'd the property/home.
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Will you keep the same firearm styles and calibers or get something entirely different?

If this is too personal just ignore my question.

Take care!

I have social issue guns which to me are tools and my hunting rifles. I am not in need of any rifles currently but if I come across a good deal I have the money to invest. I am looking for a couple of rifles now - a 257 roberts, a 6.5X55 and a 300 weatherby / or 300 win mag - all mauser based. It never hurts to have an extra AR. I did not wait till I needed them to buy them.


If you are going to sell, sell only those firearms you had to process via an FFL. Those rifles and firearms that have no paperwork, i.e. pass downs, ones bought legally before the paperwork requirements. Keep and hide.

When Harris and her clowns come looking you can be sure they will be using the paperwork to find you and take them away. So keep the others hidden and separate.

To the member who said don't fear the future. Depends on what you mean. If its in a faithful sense of knowing who is in control and that the prevailing stupidity and wickedness will be dealt with the yes I am all in agreement. Otherwise don't be the ostrich with its head in the sand. The Harris administration is going to be a disaster. the only thing looking as a small check on its excesses is we finally have a 5-4 constitutionalist majority ont he Supreme court who can check the executive branch. And it looks like the Senate is going to stay in Republican hands if it can keep the Rhino's like Collins and Murkowsky in line.

What I expect we will see is Biden as a figurehead for 2 years and then he will quietly be forced out or resign. And Harris will take the reigns for real instead of working them from behind the scenes. That way she and the Dems can have control for at least the next 10 years.


Neither. I've sold off anything we're not using and/or are into this year. And the bases are covered, both functionality and the collection. I'm not saying I won't buy or sell at some point between now and when I shuffle off this mortal coil. But the political noise has little to nothing to do with it.


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