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I see Aimpoints and EOtechs and Trigicon tripower red dots for sale at reasonable prices. Which is better to mount on an M4gry for getting the best out of both together? Opinions please.

I've shot Eotechs, Aimpoints, and ACOG's. My preference in for Eotechs. I didn't really care for the Aimpoint. I don't think I had the ACOG model that would have best suited my needs, so I cannot really give the best opinion on them. The quality on all three was excellent. I just preferred the Eotech design, size, and reticle...
I haven't used any of the other ones but I do have an EoTech on my AR and it's awesome! The sight is pretty much as close to bulletproof as you can get plus from other red dot sights I've used the EoTech definitely is the most accurate. Plus you can still use your iron sights co-witness with the sight still attached. You should try them all out and see which one you think will suit your needs best.
I have all three and you really can't go wrong with an of's really about personal preference. The ACOGs seem pricey, but they are 3X power and have the fiber optic reticle, so no batteries required. The Eotec reticle is nice and a great co-witness sight out to about 50 yrds. The Aimpoints are rugged as ****, and again great co-witness but out to about 75 yards. To get 3X magnification on the Eotech and Aimpoints, you need the 3x module and a decent mount, when you add those on, they are in the same price range as the Acogs.

Check them all out and pick the one you like best.
I like Eotech way better. Different technology than an aimpoint. Feels more like a heads up display, and less like a scope. And Eotech bolts directly to the upper/scope base, with no need for extra mounts. I do like my eotech to be over the front sight, so I use a riser on an AR, but good to go on a Fal, or AR with no sights. Also you can stand on the rollcage on the Eotech, and you can't hurt it. I still like a Leupold 1-4x20, or 4x32, on my fast rifles. No batteries required.
my personal preference is for the eotec. the dot is "minute of angle" which allows more accurate shooting out to about 200 yds. with the "doughnut of death" around the dot it makes for a great cqb sight, in that as you acquire the target on the move you can "call your shots" pretty easily. If its in the doughnut shoot it! I also like the AA version, if you run lithium batteries they go a looong time. you can buy 2 of the eotecs vs the Aimpont. the Acog is a great sight, I don't like the chevron.

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