TX Home Invasion: Vic shoots Two Perps

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    TX Homeowner Was Tied Up by Home Invaders, Manages to Escape, Shoots Two Suspects
    October 6 2014
    by Dan Cannon
    Incident at a Glance
    Gun(s) Used: UnknownLocation: Home
    # of Suspects: 3Shots Fired: Multiple
    Suspect Killed: NoState: TX
    Source: abc13.comArchive: WebCite.org

    A homeowner in the Houston area of Texas faced a terrifying situation when three armed men burst into his home in broad daylight late last week.
    The homeowner was home with one of his roommate’s sons when the suspects burst into the home, held the two at gunpoint and tied them up.
    Fortunately, the homeowner was able to escape and get himself to his gun safe when the suspects left the room where the victims were being held.
    He trained the gun on the door to the room and when the suspects came back in, he opened fire. Two of the suspects were hit by the gunshots.
    Both of the suspects who were shot were quickly arrested by responding officers, but the third remains at large.
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    +2 for the good guys!!!
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    Very nice work! Glad that the vic's were unharmed!

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