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TSA Considering National Gun Ban

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Joe Link, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Joe Link

    Joe Link Portland, OR Well-Known Member Staff Member Lifetime Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Original article here: http://oregonfirearms.org/alertspage/08.10.08alert.html

  2. JumpWing

    JumpWing NK WA Member

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    They're trying this in Atlanta, I believe. I don't know about other states, but Washington RCW includes language that refers to public ingress/egress points and divides Airport property at the security checkpoint for purposes of being armed. It will be interesting to see how it pans out, but I'm putting $5 on "failure," just because I feel lucky and no other reason.
  3. mr1911

    mr1911 Oregon New Member

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    I tested for a spot with TSA, it was a long drawn out process since it is with the Dept of Homeland Security, I passed every background, aced skills, etc, basicaly had the job, just had a simple final interview with senior members to rubber stamp me and for reasons they would not state I was rejected. To the best of my understanding I feel it was simply a personality issue, (theirs being the dead fish type).

    Durring the process I noted the attitude of TSA, it is typical DHS, distracted & overly paranoid where it doesn't matter, completely asleep at the wheel where it counts, to compare them to the keystone cops would be an insult to the keystones.

    I finaly understood why durring govt tests they continualy let guns and explosives go through while confiscating water bottles and nail clippers!
  4. torpedoman

    torpedoman land of corrupt politicians Member

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    going thru security one fine day they wanted to take my pocket knife whie letting some gal thru with a 5 iron on her shoulder. I told the jerk if i wanted a weapon i would prefer the five iron over the little pocket knife anytime.
  5. Oohrah

    Oohrah NorthwestSouthern Oregon Coast Member

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    Oregon let the camel's nose under the tent some years ago when
    a gun group convinced owners to avoid stricter laws to close the
    gun show loop hole. To all our representatives, NO NEW GUN LAWS
    To all those in high population densities, replace all those lefties before
    there are no oceans to fish or firearms to use, and the land goes to
    those criminals who decide to live here.