The Worst AK I have Ever Seen

Ok I'll play devil's advocate here.

Scenario 1).
You just got word that the woke zombie herd is marching down the interstate and approaching your exit within the hour. You forgot the combo to your safe where all of your queens are kept. Then you remember that you have a bucket full of questionable, AK parts from leftover parts kits that you won off one of your gun auction sites for forty two bucks because that was the reserve and nobody else bid (you know....standards). Also sitting next to the bucket of parts is a recent bulk delivery of 7.6 x 39 from
So you pull a Dremel out of your @ss and get to work. It'll do.

Scenario 2)
Your best buddy came over to play poker and show off his new Krinkov that he obviously over paid for at the gun show.
Not only did he take all of your money at poker but he drank all of your good scotch and smoked your high end dog-rocket cigars.
After he was done ridiculing you for being such a rube, he hopped (responsibly) in his Uber and went home. However, he left his Krinkov. Not to be out done by this doosh bag, you get the Dremel out and get drunkenly down to business. Nobody makes a fool out of you (at least twice) and doesn't regret it.

What did we learn here? There is no such thing as an ugly AK and if there is, there's usually a reason for it. :cool:

The Heretic

The gun/dremmmelmanship is SO BAD that it’s chambered in .223mm!!!

Not .223cal, .223mm?!?!? :D

Shoots some teeny tiny pew pew’s, maybe that’s why it blew up, Ian was using pew pews too big for it!
My bet is some foreign backyard gunsmith - but then there are a lot of stupid people here in the USA too.
Warning, this will give the AK fans a case of the vapors. :s0112:

Pretty much looks like the early days of kit building when guys would cheap out and do screw builds or weld builds. Some real hack jobs out there. And the folder latch? That is a PITA to install correctly, and based upon everything else it’s no wonder d00fus didn’t install it.
Back in the day I knew a guy who built them like that. When he would get a AK then completely disassemble it then put it back together “the right way”. He always ended up with extra partS which he would say were “unnecessary”. His AK builds were infamous in our circle of friends. One time after a build of his he brought it to our friends property to shoot. The dust cover flew off and smacked our friends father in the face. Ahhhh bubblegum this was a good video brought back some memories and another good laugh.


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