The Smart Gun-Obama's Last Desperate Push?

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    Vice President Biden gave a speech this week to a group of Governors in an unpublicized meeting. Biden admitted failure in the White House effort to pass comprehensive gun control and urged the governors to act on the state level. He blamed the failure on a dysfunctional congress that has failed in its duty to gut the second amendment. (sarcasm mine) In his speech Biden was advocating for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

    He also set forth a plan for government financing of programs to provide police departments with personal “smart guns” that do not become functional until a fingerprint is scanned. Police departments have not been open to the smart gun scan technology deeming it unreliable. If an officer’s hand is gloved or covered with mud or the battery is dead or the electronics malfunction the officer is left weaponless except for his backup gun which will undoubtedly not be a smart gun. Biden, while praising the “reasonableness” of smart guns failed to mention these problems. He also failed to mention the inflated price of the smart gun. The main reason the plan calls for government grants to police departments for the purchase of the guns is the purchase price. The smart gun technology will double or triple the price of a firearm.

    Obama this week posted on Facebook, “As long as we’ve got the technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person from pulling a trigger on a gun,” A “smart gun” report was released by the Whitehouse Friday that stated various Federal agencies were working with law enforcement to implement the use of the smart gun.

    This is undoubtedly the last Obama push to initiate back door gun control. How many people will pay $2000 for a handgun. Meanwhile, the gun manufacturers who see huge profits in arming police departments with smart guns are willing and ready to manufacture the guns and the NRA is not raising a voice in opposition.

    Perhaps the most insidious anti rights event this week occurred when the Department of Social Security announced that it was providing its records to the national gun background check data system. Anyone who has had to deal with the Social Security Administration can testify to the arrogance, anonymity, and lack of regard for its own rules and due process that is not even second to the IRS. The SSA is an unaccountable rogue agency.

    It is the tactic of a despotic government to seize upon an emotional issue and make it more important than the right of due process. What many people are clueless about is that the progressives and elitists do not primarily want our guns. They want our rights and our freedom.
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    “As long as we’ve got the technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person from pulling a trigger on a gun,”

    What an idiot. Does this buffoon really think all 400,000,000 firearms (that they know of) will majikleee disappear like the brick phone and everyone (criminalz included) will be standing in line all night at the LGS to get the latest and greatest smartgun. What a bubblegum.

    At least the hockey helmet is appropriate...
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    Just 8 more months... Just eight more months...

    Heck, that's enough time to acquire at least a few more "dumb guns"...

    Actually, smart guns scare me, what if they communicate with smart phones and decide to, I don't know, riot, or create anarchy? What if they conspired to take over the world????

    The dumb guns are enough of a challenge and cause enough problems with committing crimes all on their own... They don't need to be any smarter... That could only cause more problems...
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    I work with systems that use biometric (fingerprint) technology. I would NEVER EVER EVER trust my life to such tech. It is unreliable. Anyone with a fingerprint reader on a smart phone or laptop has certainly seen it fail to function, likely several times.

    This is a terrible idea on several levels. Shame on any and all manufacturers, LEA's, military or civilians that take hold of this dangerously unreliable tech.
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    We need a smart oval office back. Chicago, come get your boy.:p
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    I LOL'ed.
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    A phone is an electronic device. A smart gun would have to integrate electronics with a mechanical device with no room for failure. A dropped call is not a deadly occurrence - a malfunction of your carry gun well could be.
    Afterthought: a "smart" gun could be located or rendered inoperable by a signal sent by Leviathan or criminal hackers. I see no benefit to a gun that may or may not work when you need it.
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    There is plenty of benefit... but only for those that would keep you under their boot heel.
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    Why does he not demand that the Secret Service Agents protecting him and his family only carry smart guns. OK I know, he is the Emperor and we the people are just peasants and our lives don't matter, pun intended.
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    If they sold 1 million smart guns for 40 years that would only equal 10% of the current inventory of the US public. And since it wouldn't reduce the inventory of non smart guns. Bad guys would have no more trouble stealing guns then they do now. Its easily a zero sum problem solver.
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    If they ever managed to perfect this technology, it would not negate the 400 million dumb guns on the market, would be easy to disable, and would increase the market of guns to nervous nellies thus increasing gun sales. It's not the sort of thing I lose sleep over. :)
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    I m sick of it all.......we are being played!!!

    obama doesnt want guns in the world....if we could save just one life ...right?
    yet now he is allowing the sales of weapons to Vietnam to begin

    tell me these people dont have investment stock hidden some how in the gun companies & are using the liberal idiots like the dems currently running the states, like Oregon to do their attacking which is known to provoke gun sales EVERY TIME

    this guy is responsible for more gun sales in the US than any single entity he's setting up wholesale gun sales

    If HE could save just one life ...right? ......its all political/financial bullshtein to pit Americans against each other while they devise schemes to continue to financially set them selves up on our dime
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