Of course this is next.
And then something else..followed by another firearm related item....
On and on...just like a broken record.

The notion that the next ban is the answer is a powerful lure to get votes and stay in control.

The notion that we already have 20,000 odd gun laws already in place , most of which can be boiled down to :
Can't own , can't do , restricted , or banned ...and they still don't stop crime...needs to be understood.
And....used to gun owners advantage for a change.

If the anti - gun people can't take guns....they will take away ammo...then places to shoot...
Or find ways to tax them out of existence / reach of most folks ....
Or...simply make it way too difficult and too many hoops to jump through , to exercise a Right.
Yup. I've been thinking this for a long time now.

They will one day seek to regulate ammo like pseudoephedrine. Some states already do.
Been going on for a while and many just either ignore it, or are often shocked when they finally hear its happening. Then those who find out wonder why this is happening?:confused:
SCOTUS just gave the OK for NY to regulate ammo purchases.
Of course they did. I am frankly shocked more states have not shut off the order ammo stuff. Many are not old enough to remember we not long ago could not do this. To buy hand gun ammo you had to fill out a log book. To order it took an FFL. So of course some places went back to this and many gun owners ignore it. Until it hits them and they will scream. :s0092:
you own guns? you are the villain in Libs eyes, they don't care how you see yourself.
No, I don't believe that. I'm a good guy that happens to own guns. I'm on the neighborhood watch, and sit down once a month with my local deputies for coffee. As well as being a range officer and teach marksmanship and hand gun familiarity. You can hang your head in shame because of what you think "they" think of you, but I'm not that guy.
You wouldn't even need to ban ammo, just primers. A tiny explosive device shouldn't be hard to re write regulations for and requiring an explosives license to purchase. Keep the bullets, powder and cases. Keep the guns and mags. No primers, game over.

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