Take Your Family Shooting

I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving we chased winter steelhead (I hooked one, my dad landed two).
This morning I took my Dad shooting. Now, my dad and I haven't shot together since he first handed me his .22 from when he was a kid and taught me firearms safety. My dad doesn't shoot at all and probably only shot when he did to bring rabbits home and because he is a veteran. I wanted to make sure he had fun shooting, so I brought along the fun guns:

cosmetically stock-looking Ruger 10/22
Savage tack-driving and paintball exploding .17 HMR
Ruger P94
Model 65 .357
and my new to me H&R 926 .22 revolver

We were rushed for time, but he had a blast shooting the little .17 and watching the paintballs pop. I couldn't hardly get a turn. I then set him loose with my .357 and a row of five filled milk jugs. He kept wanting to hand the gun back because he thought the ammo was expensive. When I told him that I reloaded, he took a RCBS plast box of 50 and walked off to the firing line!

For some reason I handed him the 10/22 towards the end of our time. He loved it! He said it reminded him of the M1 carbine trainers he shot in boot camp.

On the ride back he said we would have to go again soon. I can't wait for Christmas break so we can go again.
You know... I think this thread is an EXCELLENT topic!! I went to my parents for Thanksgiving as well and during the course of conversations my mom let slip that dad was wanting to purchase a gun.

I was floored because my parents have never been "into" guns. They knew I "had" some and I've taken the old 10/22 over years ago and let dad do some plinking with it but it was never anything that was really his "thing" (if you know what I mean) so the fact that he's actually considering getting a pistol came as a bit of a shock.

Definitely means I will be taking the collection over for him to try out. :s0155:
Sounds great guys, get your families and friends out shooting, having fun and "into it."

Then get your butts out to some of the ranges and competitive shoots (Speed Steel). Its the next step. Shooting "out in the woods" is going to be ancient history one of these days. As much as I love plinking and popping tin cans in the mud, competitive shooting adds a whole new dimension to things, believe it makes you a much safer and better shooter and gives you something to lead those family members and friends into. Not talking world class stuff here, get out there where you can "see" your performance be it something like skeet, Cowboy Action, high-power or action pistol (USPSA, Speed Steel). I always equated it all to what I saw... USPSA Open class shooters... not something I cared to even try. Well there's a lot more out there.
ya..the paintball thing (great son and dad holiday,glad to hear by the way) is a great way to get some visual with your round. I bet my 7 and 9 year old would think that was better than their spining steel targets anyday. Im going to have to do that, espicailly with the new gsg-5 I picked up from coctailer..............
My mom was out here visiting from Virginia. I have never known my mom to own a firearm, much less shoot one so, naturally, I invited her to the range. I kept the target at 5 yds and she did pretty well using my G30. I was shocked and proud.

She said she might look into getting something for herself!
Great story!

I do my best to take my family members out as much as I can, ammo fund permitting;)

And just today I had a very proud moment. My Father is now an EBR owner:D

Sniff......... I am so proud of the little guy:p
Nice to get the family out.

I took my mother-in-law out shooting a few weeks back. Don't think she's going to buy her NRA Life membership quite yet, but she's definitely not (as) afraid of guns anymore. The father-in-law and wife came too - good day at the range.
Great idea. I did nearly the same thing on Thanksgiving day. Went up to the Farm to visit grandma and after stuffing ourselves full of turkey and taking a nap, me, my dad, sis, and brother in-law all went out to the woods for shooting time. My sis and bro in law are interested in purchasing a small carry gun, but I don't think they've been shooting in years and years. We started with the .22 revolver, went up to the .38 spl and .357 before we busted out the 9mm. Everyone had a lot of fun with the Ruger 10/22 and we topped off the day with 2 different AK's. LOADS of fun. So much so my sister asked if we could go back out the next morning....the answer was a very loud YES.

Sad now we're back in the city, it's not as easy to just walk out the back door to 180 acres of woodland and set up your targets.


I grew up shooting with my dad. Either at Boyscouts getting mertibadges or just shooting at a gravel pit near our cabin. Great fun!

As I grew older and developed my own firearm collection we've began shooting together again. We're taking the CCP course together this month! Nothing says father son bonding time like firearms :)

This summer we even got my mom (VERY anti-gun) to shoot my p22. She absolutely loved it! In fact she even got a little giddy when she saw my gsg-5. She wants to shoot that now too!

If I still lived at home I bet they'd go with me on all my shooting trips :)


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
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