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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by zeezee, Jan 9, 2011.

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    1. Do you have at least or more than 3 months worth of food stored at home?

    2. Do you have at least three months of your salary stored in barter, cash, gold, or silver?

    3. Do you have a vehicle and fuel capacity to travel at least 400 miles on short notice?

    4. Do you have short range two way communications gear (2-10 mile radius) and a system for family and friends? This could be as simple as code words or even a signal flashlight for night time use with colored lenses.

    5. Does every member of your household have a pair of boots that have been hiked in, broken in, with good socks, and waterproofed?

    6. Do you own firearms, both pistol and long rifle or shotgun, to protect your household?

    7. If yes to 6, have you cleaned them recently and have the capacity to maintain the weapons in the field under duress?

    8. Do you own a shortwave receiver or are you an amateur radio operator with good equipment?

    9. Do you have paper maps (preferably laminated), books, or guides which display terrain level information on old and new rail paths, paths, private roads, dirt roads, etc.? GPS does not count because it is the first thing to be unplugged in a worse case scenario.

    10. Have you ever had to (edited to simplify from the radio version) or have the capability to hike and care for an injured party more than 5 miles from help and you do not have a cell phone that obtains a signal?

    11. Have you ever had to defend yourself or a family member by using or threatening physical force? Military experience counts.

    12. Do you have the equipment and have you ever used then consumed water from your purification equipment from a creek, pond, lake, stream, river, abandoned well, or muddy water in a puddle?

    13. Have you ever dug and used a field latrine? Have you ever had to consider a plan for field sanitation and manage it to insure you and your family’s health?

    14. The batteries in your amateur rig, Citizen’s Band radio, GRMS, or Shortwave receiver die; do you have an emergency power plan outside of a generator or for in the field?

    15. Can you navigate using a compass or via the stars and constellations?

    16. If you are hunkered in or forced to shelter in for a long period of time, do you have a plan to entertain your family?

    17. What do you do if a family member after being sheltered in (forcibly) for a period of time reaches a point of despair so severe they consider suicide; do you have a plan to counsel him or her?

    18. Are you prepared to be your family’s military and Spiritual leader?

    19. Do you have a plan when/if the authorities show up at your front door (as they often do in Cuba, Communist China, North Korea, Venezuela, or the old Soviet Union, etc.) to “inspect” your home because a neighbor alleged you were violating a new “hoarding” ordinance?

    20. Have you discussed your survival plans with:

    No, not your dog. No, not your boss. No, not your family. No, not your Pastor or Minister.

    Yes, spent some time alone on your knees with the Big Guy and asked God and the Sweet Baby Jesus for guidance in these matters?

    Because without #20 having a firm “Yes” 1-19 will not matter.

    Good Luck to all……
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    If there is a God, how can he let a SHTF event happen? Faith in God hasn't seemed to help out in the "Holy Land" much. Three different religions all claim it as theirs and all will kill to prove themselves the right side.
  3. Decker

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    God does not will "bad" things to happen in life. Rather, "bad" things happen in the freedom that comes with the gift of life and free will.

    And I have at least 7 of those things listed that I'm still working on.

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    Very well said.
  5. nubus

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    It is a very good checklist that adds spiritual preparedness in step 20.
    Regardless of your faith the SHTF scenario will shake us all.
    Thanks for the post zeezee!
  6. jib

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    I agree, we have the freedom to make our own good and bad here, and we have the choice to be free or slave.
    Evil abides because people choose it, and good folks do nothing. Free will can be a bummer.
  7. gettersideways

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    Right along with having a 3 months supply of salary on hand is BEING OUT OF DEBT!!

    If SHTF and paper money is becoming useless the debt collectors might begin taking things of greater value during hard times. ie gold, FOOD, medical supplies, etc. Being in debt used to be a form of slavery... what if that came back?...

    and to MA Duce, there are plenty of stories in the Bible concerning God and SHTF events. :thumbup:

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