Storing tobacco and inexpensive cigs for pleasure or barter

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by MrNatural, Mar 8, 2016.

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    This guy has Figured It Out. I learned quite a lot from the article.

    My choice so far has been to store cigarette papers for barter, but I may buy and store some of this pipe tobacco now. Got to look at the rolling machines he recommends too.

    The guy points out that rolled cigarettes store much better than bulk tobacco. Both physically and for bartering purposes. Very hard to make cigarettes with dried-out tobacco. But dried-out pre-rolled cigarettes are still a highly barterable item.

    Also I read in the comments that cigarette papers can be used to make black powder cartridges. Didn't realize that. Hate to think that could be needful. But it does no harm to know it.
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    I once watched a guy use a page from a bible to roll a cigarette. Not saying I agreed with it but I did see it happen.

    Were I you, I would look at making some kind of humidor to store your cigarettes in. I understand this is SHTF storage but without some kind of humidor, you cigarettes could be tinder and go up like flash powder if they're decades dry :eek:

    Then again, SHTF could be next week.:s0076:

    ETA: It should be emphasized the guy is talking about buying pipe tobacco and making cigarettes now then storing them for later. This due to pipe tobacco having much less sin tax than does cigarette tobacco.

    The machine isn't a roller but rather a stuffer. He's weighing the tobacco so to have a consistent product which will smoke the same as the others he creates.
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    Wrong. He just doesn't know how to store tobacco. Mason jars have been the tobacco storage of choice for processed tobacco for decades. Fill with tobacco as much as possible, screw the lid on, and put it away. It'll be good for ever so far as has been seen. No need to actually can them as you would veggies, just a tight lid.

    Vacuum sealed bags do work, though not as popular. Polypropylene ziplock bags are starting to be used more and more and are looking promising for long term tobacco storage as well

    Cured whole-leaf tobacco will hold for a long time in a dark closet in boxes or paper bags.

    If I were a cigarette smoker, I'd probably vacuum-pack rolled cigarettes. As a pipe and cigar smoker, I have 20lbs of pipe tobacco that'll last me a fairly long time (years) and not nearly enough cigars as I would like...
  4. albin25

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    I've always liked to use new empty metal paint cans (quart or gallon) for air-tight, long term storage. They're impervious to light, won't shatter like glass could, don't need a rubber gasket to seal, are much lighter, and stack better. Obviously not for canning food, but excellent for things that can be bagged like tobacco, medical supplies, dry foods, etc....
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    Paint cans are not totally air proof but a simple pouring of Beeswax around the lip will seal them and Beeswax does not rot. Also will not be a problem when trying to reopen the cans.
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  6. erudne

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    I'm not a big fan of bartering addictive goods mainly because I don't want PPL going through withdrawal looking to me for a fix. Even PPL coming down from a sugar high are not pleasant. If I were to store tobacco I would consider vacuum sealing it in a vacuum bag and then canning it.
  7. lowly monk

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    Tobacco can be re hydrated with a ceramic moisture disk or piece of flowerpot soaked in water. I will be the guy with a homebrew and a smoke watching the stuff happen. Sure I will trade you that chicken for a bag of tobacco. Or I have some precious metal (Lead). to trade.
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    From what I have seen from some people jonesing for a nicotine fix, a pack of cigarettes would probably get you 2 boxes of .223, a box of 9mm or .40, 3 sticks of jerky and a bottle of Jack Daniels. :eek::eek:
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    For better, or worse, I'm a smoker, working on quitting again for the umteenth time. When I was younger, and poorer I often rolled my own cigarettes. As far as long term storage goes, the factory packaging for a can of bugeler or topps will last a long time. I still have a pack of Tops in my BOB, both for barter and to possibly ween myself down should it come to it. Along with a little rolling machine.

    Storing tobacco loose in a jar/can is best, cigars don't last. I had some cubans someone gave me and after about 5 years they either fell apart or molded. Loose tobacco, as long as it doesn't lose it's moisture (and even if it does) is still smokable, even though it tastes terrible. you can put a bit of water on the filter to cut the harshness.

    Over-all, I really don't think this is worth your time. Rolling cigarettes, stuffing cigarettes (if you buy the pre-made tubes) is a pain in the bubblegum, if you have to do that before storing it, your time could be better spent gardening.
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    Store cigars in and air tight container in the freezer. If you want to save them...
    Better yet, smoke em!

    But yeah, I have to agree rolling tobacco would be worth a fortune in a collapsed economy situation. Right up there with bullets and gasoline.

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