Security Guard Disarms a rioter with a stolen Police AR-15

I just wish Pantifa boi had tried moving the muzzle towards the security guard !!!
Yeah, I had mentioned that back on Page 1. Too bad for us, huh?

Our hero had the drop on Pantifa Boi before that pansy knew what hit him. He was just a smidgen away from getting Mozambiqued...


How did the thief or thieves STEAL 1 or 2 rifles from the police to begin with?

Was it left in the police car when the police left the car?

Why didn't the police TAKE the 2 rifles with them if and whenever they LEFT THE CRAZY RIOTING AREA full of burning stuff including cars and buildings?

The VIOLENT criminals are getting worse ALL OVER THIS NATION according to the news in the wee hours of the morning.

The security guard did an outstanding job and this story is ALL over the WWWeb too.

I wonder how many people those CRIMINALS would have murdered or wounded with those stolen rifles?!

I asked this question on Page 2.

I have not found jack squat in the NEWS (LOL) about why the POLICE DID NOT TAKE THEIR RIFLES WITH THEM WHEN THEY LEFT THEIR CAR!



^Piss poor training, sheit for discipline and led by cowards be my guess.

Likely they are more concerned about getting mommas leased Buick home unscathed.
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Maybe a little more respect for security guards is in order. We operate on a very thin layer of perceived authority, limited in our use of force, limited in our powers of arrest. If that SO had discharged his weapon I can pretty much guarantee he would have been cuffed and held at the very least, the circumstances be damned.
Seattle police owe this fellow, big time, he single handedly prevented two SPD AR’s from being out on the streets. Me thinks SPD needs to do more to secure their firearms from getting into the hands of unauthorized users...

Hmmmm... Why does that sound so familiar ???

Read elsewhere that security guard is former special forces, no surprise he operates with authority and took control of that situation... But twice in one night?


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