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    I took the time to send an email to some (well...all) of our state Senators and Representatives over the latest crop of proposed legislation. What a fantastic response from The Dalles John Huffman. I thought I'd share:


    I share your concerns and frustration over the willingness of several Oregon legislative members to attack the rights of law abiding citizens. These efforts are ignoring the root causes of violence in our society today, and merely focusing on the symptoms. I am not one of those legislators. It is truly a sad message being sent to Oregonians.

    Let’s be clear, these ill-conceived legislative proposals are not about gun control, they are about PEOPLE CONTROL. They are not about promoting safety and security for Oregonians. They are about grabbing the very God given, and the Constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms that law abiding Oregonians have every right to expect their legislature to defend. Thank you for taking the time to write to me expressing your outrage to the wrong-headed thinking going on in our state capitol.

    In freedom,

    Rep. John Huffman
    House Dist. 59

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