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    On a routine traffic stop, does it flag a person with a Concealed Pistol License when you run the operators or vehicle license? I've heard it both ways but not from a LEO. Asking to know if it should be volunteered information or wait for LE to ask.

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    FYI I'm not LEO, but I can answer this for you...

    The answer to this question is not a straight "Yes" or "No" as you might think...mainly because of how messed up the WA State system is. WA State DOL is on an ancient computer system...updates have to be done by hand once they recieve the paperwork. Sometimes they lose the paperwork or it gets shuffled and filed before the computer system is updated. I've had to deal with WA state DOL on a lot of stuff, like when I needed an SR-22 filed to keep my license and when I applied to be an armed security officer. You pretty much have to call them, have the clerk look for your file and update the system for special stuff like CHLs, security licenses and SR-22s to be updated in their system...otherwise it's non-existant.

    So to answer your question...the best answer I can give you is that your CHL should be on your name when your DL is ran by LE; however, that is not always the case.

    As for "volunteering information" I would advise against it...WA state doesn't require you to state whether you are armed or not unless they ask you "do you have any weapons on your person or in the vehicle?"

    Then, and only then, would I tell them I have a gun...
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    Having worked with Wa State's Access system, I can say positively NO.

    It must be keyed in separately to see if a subject has a carry permit.

    Its not a big deal for the Officer/Dispatcher. If the Officer doesn't have a MDT, they will ask for driver/wants/ccp info, if they have a MDT they just key in the appropriate request.

    I'm an LEO, and I agree with the above. I just wouldn't say anything, and you still won't get into any trouble if its found that you do have a weapon. The ccp will be verified and all will be well.
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    From an LEO, I key in on anything that strikes me as abnormal behavior. While I appreciate upfront, open and honest disclosure, someone saying "By the way, I have a gun" can be interpreted different ways. Is it disclosure, or a threat? I'd recommend waiting until asked.

    Now, say a cop asks you to provide your insurance card, and it's in the glove box under your gun, I'd recommend letting the cop know it. I'd much rather that than see you open your glove box and there's a hand cannon, and I don't know if you're getting your paperwork or your piece. So if there's a chance your gun's going to show because of a natural action, then go ahead and disclose. Otherwise, wait until asked.

    But honestly, it's kind of a subjective question. There are going to be cops in each camp.
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    That's exactly why the gun doesn't sit on top of my paper work!!

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