Post Fire Season Help Needed?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Cogs, Aug 22, 2015.

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    When the fires settle down, where does the wildlife find their food? On the farmers land, of course. That can cause serious problems for ranchers and farmers. Deer and Elk cause a lot of damage as they ravage the fields, storage areas and damage resources.

    Last year, I recall, was a call for help from WDFW to help heard, feed, watch/report, rebuild fences, thin populations and deter deer and elk from farm land. I suspect it may be a bigger need this year.

    Mostly, I'd like to help them out just because I appreciate what they do and go through. I grew up on an 800+ acre farm/ranch and understand some of their challenges and needs. And when you need some extra help, there's not always extra cash laying around to pay more workers. Especially when it cuts deeply into your already low bottom line.

    A side thought is, it's a great opportunity for hunters to, not only help out but also to, create new hunting opportunities. If I were closer to the action I certainly would like to join in on some of this. It's a chance to develop a new relationship with ranchers on prime private hunting land and may result in invitations to hunt. Also the opportunity to do some scouting. (Even without the fire situation, I still would love to trade a bit of farm/ranch work for hunting rights).

    How do you see the post fire situation? Opportunity or not?

    (When I hear a call for help, I'll post it for those who are interested. Unless, of course, it's the best hunting land in Washington State! Then you can kiss that opportunity goodbye! ;) )

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