looks like we lost another source for ammo

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by t.huynh, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Just received this email from sgammo.com

    "The Ukrainian Factory UCW is now under sanctions and it was recently captured and now controlled by rebels as their civil war rages. We will no longer be able to get ammo from that source. This leaves only Russia as a source for low cost ammo used by recreational shooters of these calibers and it is possible supply could be effected if the war continues and foreign relations with Russia worsen. Alternative manufacturers of these calibers come at a much higher cost which takes a lot of the fun out of shooting a high volume of ammo at the range. "

    Seems like we're about to enter some dark times again. Just as everything was starting to get better again. With this and the upcoming elections I predict things are just going to get worst. I'm not going to be buying anymore ammo. I feel comfortable with what I have as far as 7.62x39 goes. Just wanna give a heads up to my fellow shooters.
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    It may get bad for a while, but considering the mafia like business atmosphere that is prominent in Russia, the guys that run those big armories and ammo factories that have happily benefited from trade with the US, it is likely they will begin putting substantial pressure on Putin to sort this out and lose those restrictions. The last thing we really want to do right now is support them financially when they're acting like they are. Should the time come that they back off, then we can start using them for cheap ammo again.
  3. John H

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    Looks like good reason to buy American
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    Where's the Chinese ammo? Seems pretty lame that everything we buy/get is Chinese.. except ammo and stuff.
  5. 4Freedom

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    I will miss the Kalishnikovs. Americans owning more guns and ammo, even Russian ones, IMO, somewhat evens the score between helping and hurting them.

    As much as I hate what the megalomaniac Russian leader is doing, I think there are many better ways to punish the Russians and more profitable industries to boycott than ones that actually provide a great benefit to Americans.

    Of course, if there was an American alternative to guns like VEPR12 or Saiga 12 shotguns, e.g., I'd be more than happy to buy that, considering the current situation.

    I never buy Russian ammo, really, so I am happy not to support Russian ammo companies, as there are many alternatives for that.
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    The Russians may not be nice, but they aren't dumb. If a Ukrainian factory was making a profit selling ammo, the same factory under Russian rule will make the same ammo and sell it to the same customers, probably with the same employees. All that changes is whose pocket the profit goes into.
  7. ZA_Survivalist

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    We cant make a decent 7.62x39 round.. And when we do.. Its way overpriced.

    Not knocking American made goods.. Its just a shame the old guard manufacturers still haven't caught the AK bug. A fine firearm is a fine firearm no matter what its origin.
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