Like, “Front toward enemy” or like “Highlander, there can be only one”? Or both?
Someone breaks into my house they will be met with a 12ga 3 1/2inch #4 buck load. Pretty nasty stuff. I consistently kill coyotes out to 60 yards with 3inch #4 buck
I agree. I have a 12ga for home defense. First 2 rounds are rubber buckshot and rubber slugs, followed by birdshot, then steel buckshot if necessary
Depends on the house and property
Depends on the situation
Depends on the shooter
Depends on the intruder and if they are armored and have barricades they can use
Anything is better than nothing
If you want suppressed then 300BO may be your huckleberry
For some a 12 gauge is better
For others 308 is king
To say nothing of pistols
Or a 30-30 lever gun
Much is subjective
Some is not
Some think all you need is hugs
I'll LEVO it at that
I like this load also and happen to live in the country where this makes an extremely effective dual purpose load as noted in the comments BUT remember it takes 2 hands to operate and its size can be a detriment in small areas and can tend to over penetrate at 8-10 feet away it’s almost acting like a slug depending on construction.

If you have family members in the house I tend to lean toward a 9MM. The self defense rounds made in this day and age are very effective and it leaves one hand free to open doors and grab small family members IF NEEDED to move.

The one thing you wont get here is training. Which maybe should be the question you should be asking. Spend the money on a class for home defense or 2 classes. I think once you do this you will have answered your own question. I know that although I have been shooting for a long time the Home Defense class was an eye opener and not only went through the typical scenarios but really put an emphasis on setting up your house so you will never have to pull the trigger.
Open to suggestion on anything better then 300 blackout for home defense. I mean it’s a 30 cal with 30-60 capacity, in a small package (ar pistol, 20-24in overall length) with great penetration, stopping power, fantastic reliability and will be suppressed to top it off.
My shotgun fires 9 .30 cal projectiles at a time.

I think it might be better...

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