I'm not trying to justify my decision as I don't really care what others think about how I choose to do things. That's the beauty of America, we can have very similar thoughts on many things but yet not agree on others. In this case, I'm only trying to introduce facts to those that are implying that rubber bullets are not effective as a defense round. Whatever your choice is for home defense, I politely respect your opinion without criticism as I wish others had done so of mine. Implying that my decision is dangerous and/or will get someone killed is absolutely without basis, only their opinion (unless they have experience of defending their home from an intruder that was bent on killing them - then I apologize for categorizing their statement as an opinion). Feel free to refute my choice with sound arguments so others may come to their own conclusion and choices but to simply state likely untrue opinions does not help the situation (note that I state likely untrue here as I have no personal experience defending my home from invaders either as I would guess most of us don't). While I don't have sensitive skin and won't get "butt hurt" by these comments against my stated opinion, I can see where recently a post took a turn for the ugly because members weren't very respectful of other opinions. Just because another person's opinion doesn't completely agree with yours doesn't mean that you need to be a jerk (please don't read that I'm calling anyone a jerk - just a general way to live life). I think society in general has fallen into this pattern with little to no civility towards someone that doesn't agree lock, stock & barrel with them.
One of my favorite sayings is, "Those that think they know it all, really annoy those of us who do!".
That's a lot of words. Have you ever killed a fly?
Yeah, another urban myth. Pistols, rifles and shotguns all have the potential to overpenetrate. Ammo choice and planning for your situation is the only mitigation.
Totally agree. Anyone who has studied this knows there is a huge variability on penetration. Ammo selection is critical and blanket statements about one type of firearm overpenetrates and another doesn't are like you said, urban myth.

Case in point, skip to the 17:48 mark of this video to see how a 45LC went through several walls and off a ceiling to kill someone.

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