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As of April 8th 2024, a Cowlitz County judge has granted an Injunction in Washington state against the high capacity magazine ban. We are currently legally able to purchase magazines over 10 rounds. How long this injunction lasts, is another matter. Time to stock up at your FFLs!

Congrats Washington! I just got an email that states they will start shipping to Washington immediately. He is where I get all my AK mags- go get em!!!
Edited to add: not only are they prioritizing to WA, but also offering 10% off with code " standard cap". Now THAT is how you do it to support people behind enemy lines!
The Oregon Supreme Court denied the effort to stay the Oregon circuit Court ruling. Why the stay in Washington, and why is the stay issued by a commissioner? What happened to judges?
What happened is Bob probably had one of his pederast passaround pals waiting on speed dial for this... probably exchanging high fives and backslaps while they spitroast some poor little boy.
Yeah that was short lived.

It's fine just go buy your mags in Oregon or Idaho like the rest of the WA folks. If you were waiting on an injunction to get a normal stockpile of magazines then you're way late.

Wake me up when 1240 gets shut down.

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