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I have $850...and the wife's greenlight....which AR-15 am I looking for....

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mpperales, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. mpperales

    mpperales Happy Valley, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Looking mainly at the M&P15....open to ideas!
  2. longcolt

    longcolt Zephyrhills, FL Active Member

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    Maybe one of those nice Colt LE6920MP-B in OD green! Cool, but maybe cost a bit more.

    For $850 your can build a nice one yourself.
  3. Vantage

    Vantage Pacific Standard Time Active Member

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    Get the M&P 15 Sport. I doubt you're going to find much of a "sale" on any AR right now...

    I have the sport and I love it. No problems at all with close to 1,000 rounds so far. And I can hit a 8" plate at 250 yards standing, sitting or kneeling with iron sights.

    I'm not attempting to brag (because I know people do much, much better than that) but really... that's all I really need it to do.

    I bought mine for $625.00 But that was on sale.. and I doubt in our current situation you might have trouble even finding one, let alone finding one on sale.

    Good luck.
  4. Keane

    Keane Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    If you're anywhere near Hillsboro, Willamette Valley Firearms has locally built AR-15s for $700 that are really high quality and have nice features. For that price, you could buy a bunch of ammo on top of it :)
  5. FatherHolyHoly

    FatherHolyHoly MN Active Member

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  6. FarmerTed1971

    FarmerTed1971 Portland, Oregon, United States Well-Known Member

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    Save up another $150 and get a Colt.
  7. FarmerTed1971

    FarmerTed1971 Portland, Oregon, United States Well-Known Member

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    Indeed they will.
  8. TapRackNGo

    TapRackNGo PNW Well-Known Member

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    Call or email Richard at Little Bear Guns and order this. COLT LE6920
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  9. thirtycal

    thirtycal Camas, WA Active Member

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    This. A Colt 6920 to be precise.

  10. cwegga

    cwegga Helena, MT Active Member

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    If you are going to for the Colt don't listen to these guys...get a 6720 it is a way cooler. ;)

    Just joking either are good. Personally I would go with the 6720 if I was going Colt because it has the lightweight barrel. Or the 6920 is a great rifle too, or the S&W from everything I've heard is a good inexpensive setup.
  11. DieselScout

    DieselScout S Clackamas County Well-Known Member

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    Go to Curt's Discount Shooter Supply, they are down off 82nd. Tell them you budget and they will work with you to get the best rifle you can. Search here they have great reviews!
  12. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Colt's been doing them for about 47yrs.
  13. Jester316

    Jester316 Beaverton Member

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    I have a CMMG AR that I got for $815 out the door. Only had 1 malfunction (failure to go into battery) and that was due to a primer that came out into the bolt lug recess.
  14. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    Go back to abusing your dog,if your wife lets you out of your room

    Did you have to click here? No. Why did you if it's a dead horse?
    Why not just go to the next thread? I know,you got your feelings hrt and wanted to take it out on someone else.
    (with the safe guard of your computer;))

    Anyway,to the subject at hand.
    I would buy the one that lets me buy a hand full of magazines and some ammo to go with it.
    May be a little over your budget right now though.
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  15. Modly

    Modly Beaverton Active Member

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    Let's start at the beginning.

    What do you want this gun to do? Are you looking for long range (500+ yards), or are you looking for a cheap fun shooter?
    Are there features that you want? Features that you "must" have? Things that you hate?

    I have 5 AR's, and my favourite by far is my 9" SBR in .300 Blackout, but every last part in it was picked out to be perfect for the gun I wanted to build. It's extremely comfortable, light, and isn't overly complicated by a million rails.

    Figure out what is important to you, and buy a gun based on that. You might have to build it if it's just not "normal". Just remember that an AR is just a really versatile tool, but some things you do with it make it terrible for other things you may want. I have one AR-15 that will do great 650 yard shots with good handloads, but it's heavy as hell, and not great for close quarters at all. I barely shoot it because it isn't fun at anything less than 430 yards.

    Also, factor in your own do-it-yourself attitude.

    Honestly, everybody who has asked me at work about buying an AR, I suggest they build it instead. Every last part will be something that they wanted, and no replacements will be necessary.
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  16. numbnutz

    numbnutz molalla Active Member

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    Well said. Also Curts is on 99e NOT 82nd. Curt is a good and can help you out together a great if you choose to go that route.

  17. good2eat

    good2eat Great NW Member

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    Whatever you do, better do it quickly! Either Willamette or Curt's would be my suggestion - whichever is closer to you.

    And take the advice to get mags too, for me that would me a minimum of 10.
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  18. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    Although I agree with Modly and went that route myself,I would definitely go buy a rifle right now . Then go the build route.

    Hate to say it,but all our friends at the gun stores will be raising prices on us real soon.

    Witnessed my first ever panic buyer the other day. Came in,had the kid explain the differences ,picked one, paper work and out.
    I and my buddy told him to get a handful of mags and he said it won't ever get fired,but I may not be able to get one soon.
    So he has a fancy club.
    No he didn't buy ammo either
  19. Medic!

    Medic! What just happened? Has eagle eyes. But cant remember what he saw. Bronze Supporter

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    Get the one that cost$650 two months ago. And get the $400 ammo to shoot that was $300.
    That wistle of in the distance? Ya thats the train that left about two months ago! Woooooooooo Wooooooooo.
  20. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    Other than brand name resale value you'll just be spending twice as much if you go with a colt or Bushmaster.
    Honestly to get the best bang for your buck and if you're not going to be competing a simple entry level DPMS, CMMG, DELTON..etc AR will save you money, still get the job done and above all save you some extra cash to purchase magazines.

    None of the top tier standard model brands unless gutted out or set up for competition with a specific array of parts are going to be any more efficient than a standard model of any other manufacturer. Guys here will swear up and down that the extra money they paid for that brand name standard model AR is somehow better than the next because they paid more.

    I've owned and had the privilege of playing with top tier standard model ARs and honestly didn't note a bit of difference in extra reliability or accuracy. I've since for lack of a better term "down graded" to "lower end" brands that are every bit as reliable as the top tier brand names.

    I've recouped plenty of money and put it towards other various platforms, ammo and magazines.
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