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I don't think that exemption exists, just like the mag ban has no exemption for law enforcement when not on duty.
Ha! I heard some who thought they were exempt because they are more "trusted" despite being a brand new cop.

Wonder how they like being a second class citizen…
Oh man that's a good one. Cuz brand new cops never do mag dumps and hit bystanders and are never only minimally trained (LMFAO). That newly cop sounds like he is a little full of himself.
This one immediately shot a guy after the taser failed when he was walking away. Even tenured cops said this guy was a fool. He got arrested and charged with murder 1 two days after the shoot. No other charges, DA didn't include any, probably so he would not get convicted of murder 2 or manslaughter and thus walked…

Then this guy was beaten and bystander video showed the cop lied about him being attacked by the guy. More Jack Booted Thugs…

presuming you're responding to my post.

Do you have any idea at all just how many police - citizen interactions occur each day in this country? Literally, thousands. The fact that so few end up indicating misconduct or abuse on the part of the cops should tell you something. Of course, if you're into confirmation bias, the few examples of LE misconduct spot-lighted by the liberal, anti-police media, that come to light each month should be all you concern yourself with.

And you do realize that law enforcement agencies have to select officers from the human race, correct? Perhaps where you live, everyone is infallible and performs the duties of their occupation to perfection, but some of us reside in the real world.

Of course there are some stupid cops out there who do stupid stuff. But I worry more about our politicians who let our cities fall into dystopian nightmares and our children die of fentanyl overdoses, the physicians who are killing their patients at an astounding rate, the drivers on our public roadways who are killing far too many of us with their drunken, drugged driving or willful disregard of common courtesy or traffic regulations, and then there's some bad customer service by our businesses (which is also most annoying).

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