How many lefties do we have here?

I'm left-handed, and barely left-eye dominant. All the eye dominance tests say I'm lefty-eyed, but I usually shoot with my right eye at least partially shut-down, so there is only one set of sights and one target from which to choose. I am surprised by the number of shooters who are cross-dominant, and didn't even know the condition existed until I started shooting with a large group of people on a regular basis.

Joe Link

For a long time I couldn't figure out why Jenny couldn't hit the paper with my Sig P226 at even 20 feet. Then I read about cross-dominance on a forum somewhere and had her try it. Sure enough, left eye, right hand. Had her try shooting left/left and she outshoots me now :(
"How many lefties do we have here?"

Hopefully none!

Lefties are evil, Demonic minions of Satan. I thought everybody knew this; what are they teaching kids these days.
Makes it harder for the heavenly, right-handed criminal types to snatch weapons.

I'm the same as you! :)

I'm left eye dominant but normally right handed. We've gone shooting quite a few times since we figured this out and I've mainly used my left hand. I think it has helped me.
It sure has helped me, I'm getting better groups - I just need to send my weapon to H&K and get the controls flipped.
I am left handed, and slightly clumsy with my right. I bat and golf right-handed, but throw and bowl with my left. I shoot left-handed, but at age fifty seven finally discovered that I am right eye dominant, and need to learn to shoot all over again!

Why are so many firearm manufacturers so stupid as to exclude ambidextrous safeties on their gun designs?...........................elsullo :huh:
So in short we are all all screwed up?

I shoot rifles left handed and pistols right. Should probally learn to shoot pistols left and I might actually hit something. I am righthanded (probally a product of left being bad and having it beaten out of me in public school system) but strongly left eyed.



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Cerberus Training Group
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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA
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