Coyote mentor?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Xunal, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Xunal

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    Myself and a friend are looking to get into hunting....and after a lot of research, decided Coyote would be the "best" (read: Most economical) progression into a deer hunt next year.

    Anybody around here an experienced coyote hunter willing to take a couple of fledglings for some outings and/or some good local advice? We're both from Hillsboro, but willing to travel a ways...although I've heard enough of them at night up in TSF I can't imagine we'd have to travel too far.
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    Hunting is a great thing.
    For me, it's a lifestyle, not a hobby.
    Hunted all my life. But, if I were you, I would start out hunting something you can eat. Then move to the dogs. You will have more passion about slaughtering there butts, when you read up on how they kill many fawns. Just like the lions. There hard to find, but I dream of killing all those. Missed two at night on a special permit hunt.
    As far as going with someone, that's tough. I'm a friendly guy and all, but I stopped taking a few Friends, because they aren't safe. And there loud!
    And I'm not a picky dude, that worries much about being shot. But one bullet landed 2 feet from my feet, from my friends .30-06
    Start out by watching hunting videos. Just remember those guys usually hunt white tails. Which means they sit in a stand. That's Not Oregon. Spot and stalk.
    There are dogs all over this state. You will see MORE though in eastern Oregon, cause of less foliage. Use a foxpro game call. Don't move a muscle when hunting dogs. They are Way more smart than deer!
    Good luck!
    Read books!
    Start out with ONE gun for all animals.
    Many will say I'm wrong, but piss on them.
    Get a .270 win.
  3. WhyteCheddar

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    Hunting yotes will sharpen your skills for other game. Winter is a good time to hunt them. They have their winter coat on and the fur is nice.
    And the one gun idea is good especially if the budget is tight. Get real comfortable with one before you start shopping for specialized dog guns.

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