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    From the instruction definitions;

    "Chief Law Enforcement Officer - The Chief of Police, Sheriff, or an equivalent designee of such individual, of the locality in which the premises
    sought to be licensed, is located."

    I live in Beaverton sans respect for Beaverton Police but give two thumbs up for Washington County Sheriffs.
    Am I obligated to send my "duplicate copy" of my C & R application to Beaverton Police, or will Washington County Sheriffs work since I live in Washington county also?

    I could not ascertain from the script if descending order was to be observed.
    Thank you kindly
  2. Jim Colvill

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    Send it to WaCo Sheriff. That's all you need to do. I'm sure they give it to the circular file but as long as you comply with the letter of the law you're good.

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