A Filling Factory was a munitions factory which specialised in filling various munitions, such as: bombs, shells, cartridges, pyrotechnics, screening smokes, etc. In the UK, in both world wars, the majority of the employees were women.
In the UK, in World War I, such a factory belonging to the Ministry of Munitions was known as a National Filling Factory.
In the UK, in World War II, such a factory belonging to the Ministry of Supply was known as a Royal Filling Factory (RFF), or a Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF). In terms of organisation, they were part of the Royal Ordnance Factory organisation.
Particularly, in World War II, the filling of screening smokes and other pyrotechnic devices was also carried out by fireworks manufacturers; parts of this article do not apply to these fireworks filling factories.

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  1. Tarawa86

    Crab are filling up

    We went out yesterday in Nehalem bay. Crab are starting to fill up and shells hardening nicely. We should organize a NWFA fishing trip one of these days. I don't have a huge boat but we could probably put together a decent fleet
  2. thorborg

    C&R form filling question (#18)

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  3. 2Wheels4Ever

    Filling up the Range with IronMonster's Ar500

    Just got some Ar500 from IronMonster, and hastily built some stands for them. The range is starting to come together! The closest target is an 8in plate at 35 yards, then have 12in plates at 100, 150, 200, and 300. One of the plates that I had previously bought is a circular 12in at 3/8in...
  4. ATCclears

    Austere Dentistry

    Austere Dentistry and Temporary Fillings, by J.D., DMD My dentist told me that 50% of the people who have dental insurance never use it.
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