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Body Armor....What say you?

Have you invested in Body Armor?

  • Yes

    Votes: 84 53.2%
  • No

    Votes: 74 46.8%

  • Total voters

DB is Here

  • Air Force
  • Gun Owners of America
  • National Rifle Association
  • Second Amendment Foundation
Curious if others have made this investment and what if any wisdom you might be able to bestow on those of us that would like more info on the subject....
1) Have you made the investment?
2) What level did you decide on and why?



Especially if you can find it on sale, why not. It's the most passive protection you can do. Doing nothing is not protection.

I've had plates for a while. Unlikely to ever need them. The money I spent is long forgotten. Well under $200 for the set up. I had a daughter at Portland State 2017-18. Anything could have happened.

Plates have a Ninja wannabe stigma. So what? There are dozens of people in Portland alone that may have been saved if only wearing lower level plates.
I thought about getting armor for a time, but after lugging a plate carrier around for years as a ground-pounder for Uncle Sam I decided I'll probably never want to wear something like that again. My compromise was buying a ballistic shield (linked below) that sits by my bedroom door for those really big bumps in the night.

Alpha Shield™

Might not be as useful or versatile as body armor, but I think it suits my needs adequately.


Been using it for decades, mostly for work. Level II. Last two times I replaced it I went middle of the road cost wise. The main difference is comfort. The more "flexible and light" it is the more it tends to cost. The one all have a place to add plates if I ever wanted to, never have. I several years ago tried an external carrier. Looks like a shirt with no sleeves. FAR more comfortable. I liked them so much I bought an extra. Use one with an old vest for when I go to the range.
Now if you want to ultimate in comfort you can get them custom fit to you, like having a suit made. I have found with an external carrier I can wear it for 12 hours and forget I have it on. When I was using it under a shirt it was OK when it was not hot. In summer it was not much fun. In winter it was nice, kept me warmer.


I voted "no", as every time I've checked into buying, it was always $$$ I'd rather spend on guns. :)

I would like to someday have armor that's well-covering, will take at least most handgun rounds, lightweight as possible, knife-proof/resistant, and not be so close to $1000!
View attachment 564149
Any of them are VERY knife resistant. They make "stab vests" mainly aimed at people that work in prisons. Any soft armor is VERY hard to get through though. Something like an ice pick is the best at defeating them. Even then it's nothing like no protection. Have an old Point Blank vest I have let a couple people play with a knife on. They were shocked at just how hard to was to try to stab past one and it's just a IIA.


No not yet but feel it has value. I feel a low cost plate setup for me has value as only use would be shtf situations but if I had a higher precevied threat level on a more consistent basis I would look into a higher end carrier and plates. A helmet and breathing apparatus would be equally useful as a civilian. For me I don't see the cost benefit of a high end set but do see the benefit of a cost effective shtf plate setup. Some of it depends on your money and your situation. Some people have funds to outfit a small army and some just get by. YMMV


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Cerberus Training Group
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