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I'm waiting on one. Thinking of starting another. Have to plan these things when you're potentially looking at a year wait.
Sent a form 1 during third week of March. I'm optimistic and hope to have it by christmas.

Funny thought: since I might be moving back to AK in 2015 and wait times continue to increase, I might just have a SOT up there order a silencerco sparrow for after I regain AK residence.
Waiting on 2 since June and July. Have 2 suppressors reay to turn in but waiting for ATF re-open so I can mail my forms 4 in. I just dont want to send them now so they will get lost in the big pile :-(
I think somebody is still processing back there in D.C. because an aquantance of mine just got his paperwork kicked back to him last week because of an issue with his trust. Could've been mailed before the shutdown I guess.
I called the NFA branch this morning; they are working again!

I got an update on my ThunderBeast but it was weird. She gave me my pending (3/8) and I told her I had already been told the final pending (7/15) last time I called. She said that they could not comment on wait times and that the approval times were under review. Last month when I called they told be it would be about 90 days after the final pending.

On the NFA tracker I saw where someone with a final pending date a few days before mine got their stamp a few days after the shutdown. I am hopeful that this means mine will be in Sandra's next batch.

Since the agency has a new chief (appointed by Obummer) this talk of "review" makes me nervous. It felt like she was withholding information. I had my SOT call and she could not get any more information.

Anybody know anything else?

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