Be sure of your target!!!!

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    Be sure of your target and what lies beyond…

    Don’t shoot until you are absolutely sure of your target, and then take an extra moment to think things through before pressing the trigger. Remember that it is illegal to shoot along, across or from a road. If there is another vehicle parked in your hunting area, don't simply assume someone else is around, write yourself a mental note that you have company, and nail it to the inside of your forehead.

    Be sure of your target and what lies beyond? - Seattle gun rights |

    Or try this:

    Be sure of your target and what lies beyond? - Seattle gun rights |
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    Sounds like they shot at a target they couldn't identify and under unsafe conditions (up a hill, across an open field, ect.).

    I swear there are more dumb people out there now-a-days with rifles. I know I've been "glassed" more times than I care to count.

    Bah...just a crappy situation all around.
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    Damned lazy to not check it before heading out.

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