Dave Workman
Western Washington
Aug 2, 2010
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Dave Workman

Bronze Supporter, from Western Washington

Bronze Supporter

In the woods by the big tree Feb 29, 2016

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    1. Dave Workman
      Dave Workman
      In the woods by the big tree
    2. wjv

      I live in Clark County and recently saw a “no weapons allowed, even with a permit” posting at the Firstenburg Community Center, which, as you can see from the link, (cityofvancouver.us/parks-recreation/centers/fcc/index.asp) is an official division of the city of Vancouver.

      Is this legal? Everything I have found indicates that they have NO legal authority to do this.

      And while there are children present on site, I do not believe that RCW 9.41.280 applies to this facility, as it is not a school, and while children are there it is not exclusively being used by any school.

      This “no weapons allowed, even with a permit” is posted as part of their "code of conduct" rules throughout the building. It is not posted on the front door, nor did I see any "no weapons" signs on the front door.


      Bill Vojak
    3. Redneck_Riot
      I am contacting you today sir because I respect your opinions and value the knowledge you have provided the gun enthusiast community over the years.

      My name I Monty Woods, I am a active duty veteran currently stationed at fort lewis, and a lifelong washington resident currently living in Puyallup. I desire to learn the gunsmithing trade, and would like to ask you what is the best way to go about this and if it would be possible for you to refer me to someone who would be interested in teaching me their art. I am not looking for a paying job only to listen and learn from a master craftsman. I am good with my hands, am a fast learner, and have been a gun nut ever since I held my first rifle. I have read your editorials over the years and could not think of a better person to ask for this kind of advice from.

      Thank you for your time and consideration Sir, and know that I truly value all the contributions and work that you have and continue to do for gun enthusuasts like me.
    4. enjr4
      Dave Workman,
      RCW 9.41.070 was changed and put into affect on July, 22, 2011. It changed the way a background check was conducted for issuing a WA CPL.
      In paragraph (2) (a) the issuing authority will now "conduct a check through the national instant criminal background check system" and I have a question about implementation.
      I have a current WA CPL and whenever I purchase a handgun and they do the NICS check I am put on delay status. Each and every time. The FFL dealer never gets a call back or a proceed (nothing). The time limit just expires and I am allowed to buy the gun.
      Do you know how this "always delayed" status will affect me when I renew my current CPL?
      Thanks, Ed
    5. gcban
      Dave, could you take a moment and chime in on my thread over at on the bulletin board under Legal and Politica titled (New WA CCW permits now NICS Exempt?)

      I figured if anybody knew about this, you would. Thanks for all your great work. -G
    6. xm193
      Dave i haven't posted much but i agree with your posts
    7. Dave Workman
      Dave Workman
      depends on where you are.
    8. footfixer1956
      Dave where can i find a copy of your book
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