At what point do we label the Covid - 19 virus a SHTF event ?

As we move deeper into this pandemic at what point in time do we / you consider this a SHTF event ?

With the government now banning the right to assemble and restricting travel from foreign countries how will that affect your daily activities ?

Supply chain disruptions are now affecting durable medical supplies and drugs manufactured in foreign countries and there will be increased pressures for those medical supplies. There are already spot shortages of consumer goods in local stores. With my inherent mistrust of the governments release of information and it's inability to handle even routine business in a capable manner, I have little confidence in their ability to handle a crisis of this magnitude.

The role of social media in spreading disinformation and the general public's overall stupidity and inability to analyze information will also contribute to the public's approach to this problem. We have all looked at various events or situations that could be considered SHTF, and to me this situation is clearly a precursor to SHTF. When you are starting to see the general public being restricted from assembling, food or supply shortages, conflicting information by both media and private sources, further propagated by trolls.

At what level does the deviations from your normal routine and activite's constitute a SHTF event ?

I am not posting this to troll or incite, but this is the closest this country has come to a potential disruption of normal activities ?

WARNING : There is now a map of the Covid - 19 outbreaks / locations that is circulating as an e mail with links, with rather official looking John Hopkins University letterhead. Do not open and delete this as it contains a trojan horse virus. This came from my son who got the warning from his employer, a emergency services public agency.


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"Normal activities" depends on who you are. I will carry about my life as normal because I don't go to busy places and most of my shopping to stock up is already done. How long this virus will last is beyond me but it will definitely disrupt a lot of peoples lifestyles. I know people who fly on a plane once or twice a week for their job.

Best thing you can do is stay healthy and not end up near a hospital. Not only is the Coronavirus spreading, influenza is going around too. I was in the hospital for a week in early February. My dad had open heart surgery in mid Februrary. I'm glad we're both OUT of there. I was hearing about the Coronavirus spreading while laying in my hospital bed. They wanted me to go to follow up appointments out at Hillsboro Kaiser, where the first Oregon COVID-19 patient was quarantined. :eek::eek:


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