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Another computer question ????

Ok I just moved and switched from qwest to comcast. Now my problem..
While I was a qwest customer I had there home page "qwestmsn" and if I logged in threw there not internet explorer if a new email arrived I would recieve a message in lower right hand side of the screen telling me I had a new email and some basic info about it. Now with comcast they dont have any software you load into your computer and I have to continually return to my email page and refresh the page to check for new emails:huh::huh: What the @#$% is the problem here this is driving me nuts... :nuts::nuts: Is there a free email version from someone like yahoo or others I can get to solve this or am stuck playing the refresh game:s0054::s0054:

Joe Link

Congrats on the switch! If you want to use your @comcast.net email address you can download and use Windows Live Mail for free, and it'll notify you of incoming emails. It's similar to Outlook.
And just as a side note, don't use Yahoo's Zimbra tool.
Apparently it sends passwords in plain-text - unencrypted.
This is considered a bad thing in computer security circles, apparently. :)

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