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Milano used to be a babe... now she is just a has-been looking for a way to be relevant!!!

I wouldn't touch her with Stomper's Richard!!!

Having watched this video it's painfully obvious that she is made of the cheapest Hollywood plastic. It shouldn't be surprising that she has begun to biodegrade.

Secondly, to touch her with @Stomper's Richard, you would have to be holding the other end. This might require precision tools and later a great deal of therapy.
When she says that she has two guns, she means John and Jim, the two 6' 220lb bodyguards who happen to have guns on them.

And if I'm wrong, I'd love to see her put even 50% into a target at 10 yards and cycle a magazine. My guess is that she is exactly the type of person I fear. Yea, she owns a gun - but she doesn't shoot, probably doesn't even know how to operate the damn thing, doesn't know her state's and/or the federal laws, and is a total loudmouth arbiter of that which is moral.

From her opening speech, "(Cruz) I have to believe that you are a human with a heartbeat..." B!tch Please. If you go into a debate even considering that your opponent is malicious then **you are the problem.**

I'm impressed that Cruz didn't call her on her assumption that everyone not on her side of the aisle is malicious. He could have wiped the floor with her on that alone, let alone the policy proposals that she thinks would work (but wouldn't).

Also, the "Shouldn't we just try anything" line from her. You know, we could also try sending all kids to jail full time school where parents don't interact with them whatsoever and the state keeps them nice and cozy. No way for a mass shooting if they're all locked up 24/7 right?? I mean, you said let's try *anything*. What a freakin' tool.

As a species, we have the capability to think about future actions and consequences to those actions and to use that information to make determinations about actions to be taken in the present. Some of us are better at this than others. Ms're trying to play chess with the adults with skills that topped out at Connect 4. Please return to the conversation when you have something insightful to add.


She owns two guns alright.

There was a time I honored a bit of PC when it came to a few things verbal.

After all, I'm not a complete knuckle dragging troglodyte.

Since that time, PC has grown to monstrous proportion.

The only way to rein it back is to quit using it...


I apologize for using the term "fudd" in my previous post. Please mentally replace any reference to that term with "two-faced hypocrite", as that was the context intended. ;)

Just because a person owns a firearm does not make them a 2A ally nor legitimize their argument to disarm others, as that was clearly her intent on bringing it up.
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