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Advice on shooting rig setup

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by djblingbling1, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. djblingbling1

    djblingbling1 Keizer, OR Active Member

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    Hoping this is the right section of the forum...

    Anyways im having a bit of a dilema on how to setup my range rig, figured folks with more experience could chime in.

    First off I never shoot at a range, the spots I go are pretty far out, which leads me to the first requirement of my setup, an IFAK. Currently I have one on my backpack, but usually that stays in the car when I shoot, im leaning towards grabbing an HSGI blowout IFAK pouch which is pretty compact, and running that on my shooting rig. Question A. is that worth the hassle...am I smart in thinking it will be better suited to keep my medical equipment on my body rather than in a pack potentially in a locked car?

    I picked up 3 HSGI taco pouches since I wanted the versatility of using any mag with my setup, although im leaning towards keeping those on a thigh rig for quick acsess, and then maybe a chest rig with the IFAK and more mag pouches to swap emptys into and then keep the tacos stocked up.

    I feel like I am overthinking this for just a range rig, but my idea is that everything I take shooting goes into my pack or rifle bag....When I get out to the woods I can throw a chest rig or whatever on, keep the pack in the car, and pretty much have all my ammo and whatnot on me, and just have snacks, water, ect in the car for breaks.

    Ideally id have everything on the chest rig and not use the thigh rig, but I really like the taco pouches and dont want to bulk it up too much.

    I love the idea of something like the TT mini mav but the ends with only 2 rows of webbing screw up the ability for me to run an IFAK and al three of my tacos.

    Something else to consider is im a pretty small guy, so most chest rigs are huge on me, so really only looking into fairly compact setups.

    Without worrying about the IFAK id just run everything on a costa leg panel or something, but the idea of everything on a chest rig is appealing...thoughts?
  2. erudne

    erudne The Pie Matrix PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing? Bronze Supporter

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    Steer clear of thigh rigs they hang-up on EVERYTHING and the weight keeps you from moving naturaly. there are padded MOLLE Battle belts for added real estate
  3. sheepdip

    sheepdip Redland Well-Known Member

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    You are overthinking this!
  4. djblingbling1

    djblingbling1 Keizer, OR Active Member

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    I have tried a standard "battle belt" as well as a single PALS pistol belt, and both really didnt work for me. I dont keep them loaded up with enough stuff so they tend to ride up and have lots of unused real estate.

    What you said about thigh rigs is kinda what worried me. Currently im using one with 2 taco pouches oin it and its actually not too bad, and I know the costa rig rides up even higher, but it seems having everything on a vest might just be easier.
  5. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    You mentioned an IFAK (individual first-aid kit) and other rigs...for what? Being a range warrior? I have a lot of kits, but I rarely take them out to ranges. You should have a kit that you like and can easily set up- then leave them alone. I understand the want/need to practice and train with them but chances are you're not going to even have or wear that stuff when you actually are in a shooting.

    Practice with the stuff you wear on a daily basis and adapt that gear as needed. Always blows my mind to see guys spending all this time and money on rigs to win matches but then throw a revolver in a cheap ankle holster as a daily carry piece. Practice that stuff- make that ankle holster and the revolver your range kit...the other SHTF stuff leave at home. You can practice reloads and get your gear situated at home without having to keep cracking all that crap out to the range.

    Sometimes, you guys make me wonder how those old military guys ever got away with just a rifle, a couple of canteens and a few hundred bullets.
  6. CamoDeafie

    CamoDeafie Albany Well-Known Member

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    Well. how do you attach the battle belt? and they should not tend to ride UP....only if you're using suspenders...

    what kind of shape are you in?
    anything wrong with LC belt kits? (FWIW, you can attach MOLLE items to an LC belt; but it may not be fixed in one place unless you zip-tie thru a grommet on the LC belt)

    or you could go for something similar to THIS; a split front harness with pouches for your IFAK and your ammo; well the one below is my personal custom rig; but it's similar enough to the TT split front MAV system that I think that could work for you..

    do you currently wear a belt on your pants? if so; then you could go simple; think POLICE simple; an IFAK pouch hanging off of it, and the tacos; and it should not ride up, unless you wear suspenders..

    another way to go that could support your IFAK and keep ammo pouches at the ready;

    as for the belt kit...

    a belt should be fairly snug against your hips, between the waist and the leg joint; and this is with all the things you already have on it; not without....also; a belt should not be able to ride up at all; if it is snug against your pants, under the jacket , yeah you should be able to have it loose to fit over winter clothing, but really, I find a simple patrol/rigger;s BDU belt to be plenty strong when snugged, enough to carry a small IFAK pouch and a holster, and magazines...if you wear cargo pants, then these pants already give you the space to stuff an IFAK into your cargo pants, while freeing up your belt for ammo pouches. if not; then you can simply hang a the IFAK off your belt..again, without suspenders, as it is sounding like you're a small framed dude who doesn't carry much equipment, and from what it sounds like,the IFAK is the heaviest part of your kit, other than your rifle.
  7. djblingbling1

    djblingbling1 Keizer, OR Active Member

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    Thats whats weird, I wasnt using susspenders, but anytime id take a knee the belt would ride up. I THINK this is the issue.....I was wearing it above my pants belt, and I would pull my pants up to get slack when taking a knee and that pushed it up...also the belt I had was about a 1/2 thick with padding, and didnt contour to the body at all to snug up.

    As far as shape, I am 5'7 140lbs so thats why most rigs ive found float on me. Originally I was going to run an ares or similar belt, with everything off it....but with a winter coat most of the time I like the idea of a everything on one piece of redily available gear that can be fitted over or under anything. I like the idea of the mini chest rigs since I could always wear it under a winter coat, or over, as well as in the summer...although for some stupid reason I seem to never shoot in the summer, only when its freezing out!

    I almost wish there was not so many options out there....I dont want to waste money trying a ton of stuff out, but really only want to buy good quality gear, so im aiming to get it right the first time.

    As was said earlier, practice how I carry.

    Even at the range I carry my pistol IWB, and use it from there regardless of my winter coat...so I dont want to hinder my IWB carry setup too much with a range rig, I want it to be an extension of that for use of a rifle. Not sure how a chest rig effects IWB draw, but I know the leg panle would work with it fine, just limits my gear a bit.