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100 push-up challenge


Totally worth it.

I did it two years ago. Sucked big time the first week. After that it got a lot easier.

Naturally after I stopped, and a kid got added to the mix, I probably couldn’t do 100 push ups now!

Trying to get back into exercise with the wife. We do Tuesday Thursday and one weekend evening together now. Getting back into exercise after a dry spell sucks!
I’ve been doing 120 (3x40) 3 days a week for awhile now, and no, I’m not a Marine in my early 20s! In fact, I turned 50 late last year. I also do three 2-minute planks 3 days a week which has essentially eliminated the chronic lower back issues I was having from a bad disk! As with any exercise regimen, start slow! Now is an especially bad time to injure yourself.

Push-ups are the single best strength exercise you can do if you don’t have time or prefer not to spend hours in the gym (or a pandemic closes all the gyms...)
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I just got a cortisone shot in my left shoulder this morning so I'll let you know if I can even do one in about a week before asking them to just amputate the arm.

Hey if you get that arm amputated, can i have it?
I have a special project i'm working on..
Pushups are my kryptonite. Even when I was in the army at the ripe age of 20 I struggled with pushups. I could do more pullups then pushups. It's almost like something in my shoulders is not right for that particular movement. Just started working out again regularly with my home gym and elliptical 2 months ago and already seeing changes in my chest and arms. Got on the floor the other day to see how many pushups I could do and it wasnt pretty. I just plain suck at pushups.


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I was doing doing 3 sets of 50 pushups every day and unfortunately it seriously messed up my wrist. Extending my wrist and supporting my weight is not happening anymore. I switched to using dumbbells on the ground to get my wrist in a neutral position. It removes the pain, but makes the exercise way harder.
That's funny, back in the late 80's and early 90's Army males in the 17-22yr. catagory had to do 89 push-ups and 88 sit-ups in 2 minutes, and run 2 miles in under 12 minutes to max the test... Although I could run over the horizon and back in combat boots with a full ruck, I could never quite max the run, but the other two events... no problem. Today's couch potato/video game playing bred stock, turned soldiers must be running to a lower standard these days.

Annnnnnd since I was a Drill Sgt. for 3yrs, I could do push up alllllll day long. ;)
Know what your talking about, was in basic training, army 1980, fort bliss texas.from May to july. Maxed the pt test except for the 2 mile run. Passed the run , everything in combat boots and man was it hot


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