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  1. A

    USPS Fail! BTW Don't like 25 character requirement

    I order $240 worth of heavy reloading components and a substitute USPS driver delivered it to the wrong complex. I am assuming sender sent it in flat rate box but shipping was free on my end. They said they will check the lock box of the other complex to see if package is still there. If it is...
  2. P7M13

    Experience Shipping a Rifle via USPS

    This applies ONLY to long guns (rifles). Handguns MUST be shipped by FFL. Period. Shipped a firearm to another member here via USPS. It was easy. USPS Regs Here What legal sites tell you is incorrect. They state you MUST use Priority Mail Express. Nope. I will say, walking up to the clerks...
  3. Gonzales

    USPS not delivering packages?

    Anyone else notice that their packages are not being delivered? No tracking updates. Packages appear to just be sitting at distribution centers around the country...
  4. CountryGent

    Shipping USPS hassle and question on who to talk to ...

    I'll preface this by saying the only reason why I am entertaining the idea of dealing with USPS is that shipping handguns via priority mail is going to be much more cost effective than UPS/FedEx's overnight air. Priority is two-three days and will cost between $6 to $15, while most UPS...
  5. Norwestr55

    Good Old USPS

    I ordered a FO sight from Dawson precision that was shipped on the 1st. It sat in the PO "Waiting Acceptance" until the 9th before it was sent to OR. It looks like they tried to run it thru the roller mail sorter which is fine for regular envelopes but a huge no-no for the padded ones. As far as...
  6. Aispuro


    Ive just started useing gun broker this past week im used to paypal an ebay the way there set up but gun broker is alot different why does everyone want a money order shipped to them first ........? What im tryin to get at is has anyone been burnt sending the payment that way?
  7. Caveman Jim

    USPS Rate hikes

    I do a fair amount of buying, selling and trading, I generally use USPS for shipping for the most part since our UPS office here in our small town only takes parcels after 4 p.m. Its just a pain in the butt to get there during that time. It sure seems to me that lately the USPS has definitely...
  8. B

    Ship bullets ( not cartridges or primers) via USPS?

    i mistakenly ordered a box of 9mm bullets ( as in re-loading supplies ) from Midway. Anyone tried to ship those via US Postal Service? It isn't ammunition, technically.
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