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  1. The Heretic

    Who makes a shotgun butt pattern buttstock for Miroku made model 92?

    I just bought a Miroku made Winchester 92 Trapper, but it has the metal plate crescent shaped butt on it. I would like to get a shotgun pattern (flat butt) pattern for it so I can put a recoil pad on it without cutting the original. Preferably pistol grip so I don't need to get a straight lever...
  2. ddjchemist

    Advise Me a Good Buttstock Cheek Support

    I recently got two different Browning X-Bolt rifles both in 308 Win (two weeks ago used Stalker and yesterday brand new Hell Canyon Speed) and I am looking to buy a good buttstock cover that would give me a nice cheek support. Both of my X-bolt rifles have too thin and flat stock for my liking...
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