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Sharps may refer to:
Medical instruments etc. which are disposed of as Sharps waste
Sharps, Virginia, unincorporated community in USA
Sharps Creek, a river in Kansas
Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company firearms company
Sharps Buffalo Rifle
Sharps Carbine
Sharps Brewery Rock, Cornwall, UK (cask conditioned beer brewery)
Sharpie gangs, Australian suburban gangs of the 1970s
Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice
Systematic hierarchical approach for resilient process screening

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  1. 40MikeMike

    1874 sharps sight identification

    I just recently bought an 1874 sharps by pedersoli and its missing the rear eye cup and I would like to change the front inserts but need help identifying who makes the sights. My initial thought are these are made by pedersoli as my limited research has suggested but looking to confirm my...
  2. Joe Link

    Announcement  Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor, Red Frog!

    Please join me in welcoming Red Frog Team as our newest Supporting Vendor! @Red Frog Team Red Frog Team - Navy SEAL Led Tactical Training
  3. Joe Link

    Announcement  Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor, Sharps Bros!

    Please join me in welcoming Sharps Bros as our newest Supporting Vendor! @jsharps SHARPS BROS
  4. N

    40/50 Sharps Straight Dies

    Hello All, Newby here, looking for a set of 40/50SS .408" dies. Thanks, Chris
  5. NightMan

    Hello from Shelton, WA

    I always seem to be a newbie, and here I go again. Lived in the Olympia/Shelton area for 60 years and in Bellingham for 8 years, so I'll let you do the math on my age range. Been collecting and shooting half of those years, although I collect better than I shoot - glad I do this for fun...
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