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Red Frogs (formally known as 'Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network') is a support network for university students and school-leavers run by Christian volunteers known as the 'Red Frogs Crew'. The Red Frogs Crew participates in many events that are attended by school leavers and university students, such as schoolies week, uni parties, high school seminars & Easterfest. The Red Frogs gained their name through landing a sponsorship deal with the Nestle company Allen's, who produce Frogs Alive Red Frogs at these events, a lolly which was created by the Australian confectionery company Allens.

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  1. Joe Link

    Announcement  Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor, Red Frog!

    Please join me in welcoming Red Frog Team as our newest Supporting Vendor! @Red Frog Team Red Frog Team - Navy SEAL Led Tactical Training
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