The Casements is a mansion in Ormond Beach, Florida, U.S., famous for being the winter residence of American oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. It is currently owned by the city of Ormond Beach and is used as a cultural center and park. It is located on a barrier island within the city limits, overlooking the Halifax River, which is now part of the Florida Intracoastal Waterway.

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    Carbide Die 'Suddenly' Making Vertical Striations In Cases.

    My RCBS 9mm carbide sizing die is suddenly making striations in the cases all the way around them. I can't imagine this is something I have overlooked and just recently noticed. Anyone experience this?
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    Replacement foam for rifle cases???

    Ive got a couple of Plano All-Weather cases and need to get some new foam in there. Ive seen only a couple online... but listed just a basic solid foam, no removable pcs like what it comes with, but wanted $36+tax for it. Anyone know of a better replacement option? I dont care if its cut or...
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