Pulled pork is a method of cooking pork where what would otherwise be a tough cut of meat is cooked slowly at low temperatures, allowing the meat to become tender enough so that it can be "pulled", or easily broken into individual pieces.
Pulled pork is found around the world in a variety of forms.

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  1. N

    Reloading M2AP - Resizing needed?

    I'm reloading some old M2AP, some were machine pulled with marks, some pulled with no marks. I'm measuring most of the bullets at .309" on my calipers, none more than .3095, mostly around .3085. Do I need to resize these? The margin is so small I'm not sure if it's a problem. This is not for a...
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  Colorado cop who pulled gun on man picking up trash outside his home resigns

    Colorado cop who pulled gun on man picking up trash outside his home resigns
  3. DuneHopper

    More Good News Senator Pulls Support, for SB 723 ( Derbie Bill )

    Sara Gelser (D) District 8 (Corvallis/Albany) has withdrawn her support for SB 723, a bill that would ban wildlife derbies! She States : "I realized that I am missing a great deal of information about the hunting and fishing community, predator management, and events and strategies.” She...
  4. filsonhand

    Pulled pork... South of the border style

    Hello All I'm looking to get some input on some Mexican pork recipes. I've been asked to make a bunch of pork taco fixins' for a wedding. My idea was to smoke the shoulder roasts then pull em and smother them in salsa Verde and let em simmer. So any rubs and sauces that would fit the bill...
  5. RicInOR

    Other State  HI - Gun Pulled On Neighbor

    Not good. Hawaii man pulls gun on neighbor as tensions run high in community overrun by lava Sixty-one-year-old John Hubbard is now under arrest, accused of opening fire and allegedly assaulting a neighbor who came to check on his property. The victim was injured, but was not shot.
  6. 3MTA3

    Getting All My Teeth Pulled

    I've had issues with my teeth for as long as I can remember, so two days after Christmas I'm getting them all (26) pulled. I'm not stressed out by the procedure and am in fact looking forward to it. Truth is the only part I regret are how many rifles and how much ammunition I could buy with the...
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