Plinking refers to informal target shooting done for pleasure typically at non-standard targets such as tin cans, logs, soda bottles, or any other homemade or naturally occurring target. A person engaging in the plinking exercise is colloquially known as a plinkster.

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  1. oremike

    Econo Plinker

    Being Frugal but wanting a good solid left handed bolt action .22 rifle I've settled on the Savage Mark 2. These are full sized so fit like a hunting rifle with a 22" barrel. Wood stock and with the accu-trigger, I know it's not an Anshutz but it should shoot just fine. While I'm waiting for the...
  2. made in china

    I just want to buy a plinker!

    I live in WA state. Been on sort of a mission lately to buy a Henry lever action youth 22LR rifle. My wife and young son are now into shooting, and I only own stuff too powerful for them. WA state is in a kind of gun sales "limbo" where Inslee has declared gun stores non-essential, with most...
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