Broadly speaking, modularity is the degree to which a system's components may be separated and recombined, often with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use. The concept of modularity is used primarily to reduce complexity by breaking a system into varying degrees of interdependence and independence across and "hide the complexity of each part behind an abstraction and interface." However, the concept of modularity can be extended to multiple disciplines, each with their own nuances. Despite these nuances, consistent themes concerning modular systems arise.

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  1. Fox364

    National  Modular Suppressor

    I'm asking because I can't find anywhere online. Is it legal to change out the modular baffles with different diameter ones to shoot different calibers as long as the serialized tube stays the same?
  2. RobMa

    Just in case anyone is looking for one of these - GEISSELE AUTOMATICS LLC - AR-15 MK4 FEDERAL SUPER MODULAR RAILS OD-Green

    Just in case anyone is looking for one of these 100-042-819WB MK4 10"...
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