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A cantilever is a rigid structural element, such as a beam or a plate, anchored at one end to a (usually vertical) support from which it protrudes; this connection could also be perpendicular to a flat, vertical surface such as a wall. Cantilevers can also be constructed with trusses or slabs. When subjected to a structural load, the cantilever carries the load to the support where it is forced against by a moment and shear stress.Cantilever construction allows overhanging structures without external bracing, in contrast to constructions supported at both ends with loads applied between the supports, such as a simply supported beam found in a post and lintel system.

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  1. J

    30mm Cantilever Scope Mount

    30mm Cantilever Scope Mount. Got this as a Freebie from Primary Arms with a scope purchase. Brand New. I believe they sell for around $75 $50 includes shipping
  2. Paolung

    Cantilever only for AR type platforms?

    Hi, I’ve seen a fair amount of cantilever mounting options for AR platforms - are they useful for other rifle platforms? When would you want one for a full scope (rather than a red dot optic) on a non-AR rifle? I have a Tikka C3x CTR (308) en route, and am looking for options to mount a scope...
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