Dirt is unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person's clothes, skin or possessions. In such case they are said to become dirty. Common types of dirt include:

Dust: a general powder of organic or mineral matter
Filth: foul matter such as excrement
Grime: a black, ingrained dust such as soot
Soil: the mix of clay, sand, and humus which lies on top of bedrock

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  1. sagia308

    135 yards pistol Xd 40 cal dirt blast knocked the Trader Din🦖o down +rough rider plate hit

    yeah dino deserve that
  2. A

    Cheaper Than Dirt 🤮 has Canik Mags!!!

    Not sure if this is where to post it, but it’s time critical… Go fast, Cheaper than Dirt has real Canik 18rd and 20rd mags in stock, and today, the 24th is their last day selling to WA state. The price is not great, but they exist!!!!
  3. Aero Denezol

    Is this rust, or dust?

    Was considering buying this FAT 42 Carcano. Seller is not a "gun person" and says it was a wall-hanger that belonged to his father. According to him it was never shot since acquired in the early 1970's. If you had to take a guess, is this rust or dust? He doesn't have a bore light and can't...
  4. User 1234

    Remember when Cheaper Than Dirt (CTD) charged high prices for PMAGS in 2012?

    They are at it again. I won’t order anything from them.
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