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Progress M1-9, identified by NASA as Progress 9 or 9P, was a Progress spacecraft used to resupply the International Space Station. It was a Progress-M1 11F615A55 spacecraft, with the serial number 258.
Progress M1-9 was launched by a Soyuz-FG carrier rocket from Site 1/5 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Launch occurred at 16:58:24 GMT on 25 September 2002. The spacecraft docked with the Aft port of the Zvezda module at 17:00:54 GMT on 29 September. It remained docked for four months before undocking at 16:00:54 GMT on 1 February 2003 to make way for Progress M-47. It was deorbited at 19:10:00 GMT on the same day, burning up in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean just six hours after the Space Shuttle Columbia had disintegrated over Texas. Any remaining debris from Progress M1-9 landed in the ocean at around 20:00:28 GMT.
Progress M1-9 carried supplies to the International Space Station, including food, water and oxygen for the crew and equipment for conducting scientific research.

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