Silent Trigger is a 1996 American action thriller film directed by Russell Mulcahy starring Dolph Lundgren and Gina Bellman about a sniper and his female spotter. Lundgren plays a Waxman former Special Forces soldier who is now working as a heavily armed assassin sent on a mission by a secretive "Agency", to assassinate a target from an abandoned skyscraper in construction. Memories and moral dilemmas resurface when a former spotter from a failed assignment shows up.

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  1. R

    Trigger lock to fit aGlock 43?

    I’ve bought two trigger locks for a Glock 43 but neither really fits. One of the semi-retracting spring - loaded little posts or prongs intended to fit between the trigger and the cage of the trigger guard presses against the side of the trigger. That can’t be good for the trigger. Does anyone...
  2. sagia308

    Swiss k11 308 out to 163 yards testing NEW trigger job & reloaded 140 gr sp

    well that brass was shot about 8 times now time to trash it maybe
  3. sagia308

    Saturday shootaround AR15 /T91 out to *415* yards w/ new trigger job

    group nicer with trigger job i see a lot better scope bugbuster to helps
  4. R

    trigger job on old Ruger Police Service Six

    it has been said that the factory trigger on the original 1973 Ruger Police Service Six 4" bbl was so heavy, they joked it was a single action revolver that could be fired in double action mine measures at 10 lbs double action and 6 lbs single action starting on a project to polish the trigger...
  5. Barefootdog

    Looking for a good 1911 smith.

    Have a SA TRP. It's a good pistol but it can be better. So it's time for some upgrades. Trigger job Adjust operation of grip safety Remove ambi safety Install extended mag release Front sight replacement and so on.... I want it done right. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance..BG
  6. DLS

    S&W 625JM trigger job woes

    @Lesliet This is a continuation of a the trigger job postings that started in the What Did You Load Today thread. I thought it would be better to continue it in its own thread. What did you reload today? | Northwest Firearms - Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming Gun Owners Posts...
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